Track workouts,
follow your progress, get stronger.

Maximize your training potential and get the best out of your workout routines with one of the most advanced fitness tracking app.

dashboard screen
workout and routine screen
running workout screen
exercise statistics screen
body measurement screen for male and female

Track your progress

Set your goals, boost your performance and stay motivated with great insights and powerful statistics.

Train smarter

Exceed your limits with estimated rep maxes and easily switch equipment or execution while you train without wasting time.

Get in shape

Stay fit and build the perfect body. Measure your body, follow your weight and see the results as you progress.

dashboard screen

Follow your activity, stay focused

Blast Workout helps you reach your goals with its flexible and configurable dashboard. Set goals, train, succeed.

workout and routine screen

Create workouts, Save routines

Start training right away from one of our pre made workouts, or create your very own routine. Fine tune, improve, and share your training routines and results all from the Blast Workout app.

exercise library screen

1000+ exercises and variations

With its unique exercise library connecting equipment and execution, Blast Workout allow for more than 1000 exercises and variations. Switching equipment has never been so easy.

exercise statistics screen

Follow your progress in real time

Get powerful statistics and insights for all exercises. Follow your progress and optimize your training.

running workout screen

Optimize your training

Blast Workout provides you with all the necessary tools and statistics while you train. Take advantage of the warmup,drop set, failure set, super set and giant set feature.

body measurement screen for male and female

Track your body transformation and get stronger

Follow your body transformation and stay motivated. You train, Blast Workout does the rest.

I've been looking for something like this for a long time. For me, it replaces a personal trainer. Great layout, no bugs, all the exercises explained clearly, easy to customize. No more needing to plan or think about my routines.

- Android user

Unlock your true potential!

Available on both platforms iOS and Android, try it today for free!

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