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Spider Biceps Curl - Instructions, Variations & Alternatives

Muscles involved

  • Biceps

    Also known as

    • Prone Incline Biceps Curl

    How to perform

    Spider Biceps Curl - Starting position

    Spider Biceps Curl - Starting position

    Spider Biceps Curl - Muscle Under Tension

    Spider Biceps Curl - Muscle Under Tension

    1. Set up & Starting position (Prone lying with chest supported on an incline bench)

      The exercise can be done at the Preacher Bench or Larry Scott Bench. Lean your torso over the arm pad from the opposite side.

      Set a bench at a 30 to 45 degree incline and place the weight on a support behind the backrest so that it can be easily grabbed from the bench (or get somebody to hand it to you). Lean forward on the bench so your chest is supported, firmly press your feet on the ground and grasp the weight with a underhand grip. Allow your arms to hang straight down toward the floor.

    2. Concentric phase
      Contract your biceps and curl the weight up towards your face while keeping your upper arms still and perpendicular to the floor.

    3. Isometric hold (optional) - Squeeze the biceps and hold the contracted position for a second.

    4. Eccentric phase
      Slowly return to starting position and repeat.

    Exercise Alternatives