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Lunge - Instructions, Variations & Alternatives

Muscles involved

  • Glutes
  • Quadriceps
  • Abductors
  • Adductors
  • Hamstrings
  • Calves

Also known as

  • Front Lunge
  • Forward Lunge
  • Split Squat (Static Lunge)

How to perform

Forward Lunge

Forward Lunge

Forward Lunge

Forward Lunge

  1. Set up & Starting position (standing)
    Stand up straight with feet together or at hip width.​

  2. Eccentric phase
    Take a step forward with one leg and lower your body until the knee of your back leg almost touches the floor.

  3. Concentric phase
    Drive off the ground with your front heel to step back into the starting position. Repeat all reps on the same side, or alternate sides by stepping forward with your opposite leg.

Exercise Alternatives