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Reverse Dip - Instructions, Variations & Alternatives

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Muscles involved

  • Triceps
  • Deltoids
  • Pectorals

Also known as

  • Bench Dip
  • Chair Dip
  • Behind the Back Dip

How to perform

Reverse Dip - Starting position

Reverse Dip - Starting position

Reverse Dip - Muscle Under Tension

Reverse Dip - Muscle Under Tension

  1. Set up & Starting position (seated)
    Sit down on a bench or chair and grab the edge with your hands by your sides. Extend your legs forward, heels on the ground or raise on another bench or plateform, so that your bottom is suspended between the benches holding with extended arms.

  2. Eccentric phase
    Hinging at the elbow, lower your body down. As you descend, keep your elbows close together with your upper arms along your sides, and keep your back close to the bench.

  3. Isometric hold (optional) - Stop and pause for a split second at the bottom when your arms form a 90-degree angle.

  4. Concentric phase
    Push up through your palms back to start. Repeat

Exercise Alternatives