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Guillotine Press - Instructions, Variations & Alternatives

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Muscles involved

  • Pectorals
  • Deltoids
  • Triceps

Also known as

  • Gironda Neck Press

How to perform

Guillotine Press - Starting position

Guillotine Press - Starting position

Guillotine Press - Muscle Under Tension

Guillotine Press - Muscle Under Tension

  1. Set up & Starting position (lying)
    Lie flat on the bench and grab the bar with an overhand, slightly wider than shoulder-width grip. Retract scapula and tuck your shoulders down and back. Drive your feet into the floor and brace your core. Unrack the bar and hold it over your shoulders.

  2. Eccentric phase
    Breathe in and slowly lower the weight towards your neck. Make sure your elbows stay flared out to the sides (roughly in line with your shoulders).

  3. Isometric hold (optional) - Pause at the bottom.

  4. Concentric phase
    Press the weight back up squeezing the pectorals. Repeat.

The Guillotine Press is a variation of the Chest Press that focuses more specifically on the upper chest.

Exercise Alternatives