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High Curl - Instructions, Variations & Alternatives

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Muscles involved

  • Biceps
  • Forearms

Also known as

  • Crucifix Curl
  • Overhead Curl
  • Double-Biceps Curl

How to perform

High Curl - Starting position

High Curl - Starting position

High Curl - Muscle Under Tension

High Curl - Muscle Under Tension

  1. Set up & Starting position (standing, seated)
    Set the resistance band or the pulley at shoulder height or slightly over. Grasp the handles with an underhand grip and move a few steps away to create tension on the cable. Raise your arms so that they are parallel to the floor, either at your side or in front of you, with your forearms supinated (palms facing up). Assume a shoulder width stance and tighten your core.

  2. Concentric phase
    Without any shoulder or upper-arm movement, strictly curl the weight toward your head.

  3. Isometric hold (optional) - Hold the contracted position and squeeze your biceps as hard as you can.

  4. Eccentric phase
    Resist the weight on the way back to starting position and repeat.

Exercise Alternatives