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Pec Deck - Instructions, Variations & Alternatives

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Muscles involved

  • Pectorals
  • Deltoids

Also known as

  • Butterfly
  • Machine Fly

How to perform

Pec Deck - Starting position

Pec Deck - Starting position

Pec Deck - Muscle Under Tension

Pec Deck - Muscle Under Tension

  1. Set up & Starting position (seated)
    Sit on the platform. Press your back firmly against the back of the platform with your feet flat on the floor. Grab one handle of the machine with each hand and place your forearms on each pad if available. Bend your arms at a 90° angle and keep your elbows at chest level.

  2. Eccentric phase
    Pull your arms toward your body while contracting your pectoral muscles.

  3. Isometric hold (optional) - Hold the position for a couple of seconds.

  4. Concentric phase
    Slowly release back to starting position and repeat.

Although pec deck and fly machines (Chest Fly) work the same muscle groups, and the names are sometimes used interchangeably, the differences in shoulder and arm position result in different activation of the chest muscles.

Exercise Alternatives